All Over Video Service srl

Since 1990 All Over operates in the rental and sale of audio-visual equipment, placing itself on the side of its customers as a specialized partner in offering a wide range of products and services.

Operating increasingly and successfully in Italy and in Europe in fairs, congresses, shows, business meetings and events of all kinds, All Over responds to various needs of customers, offering innovative technologies, equipment for every situation being able to bring the success of any event or show.

In the internet and communication era that is more and more high-definition, in addition to the substance and content transmitted the technological support and the facilities are just as important:for this All Over offers a wide range of audio and video technology, OLED screens, LED, LCD, video totems, holoscreens, video walls and LED screens, computers, audio and video control rooms and everything you need to organize an event, both for sale and rental, plus a comprehensive consulting service from design to technical.

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