Smart Info / Faq

Smart Info / Faq

I am interested in renting material. What should I do?

Send us a request with all your data at [email protected] directly or fill out the form for the product required here on our site. For any other need, our commercial and technical support will be at your disposal for further information.


What Information is needed to prepare a targeted offer?

Lighting conditions, whether they will be used in outdoor or indoor, the daily working hours, possible need to be connected to the Internet, thin frame or small frame, built-in player or PC, if you need a software for local management your schedule, if your monitor should be tactile.


What are the methods of delivery? Can you bring me the material?

Deliveries are managed by All Over in the most congenial way to the customer by our personnel. Here are the following possibilities:

  • Withdrawal / delivery to the customer by our own
  • Direct removal from our office (Cesano Boscone)
  • Withdrawal / delivery through your body manufacturer, carrier or agent


Are the goods insured?

All equipment must be returned to All Over. In the absence of all or part of the material, the customer will be charged the value of the lost equipment. The value can also be ordered with the order confirmation.

  • If the delivery takes place in destinations and in the manner described above, the goods will be charged to All Over and therefore is assured.
  • If the goods are shipped via a courier the choice is the customers.


What should I do to confirm the hire?

Just send our quotation for acceptance by mail and your registry card encoding.


What are the advantages in choosing our system?

No limitations to their robustness, the certification work 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7, conditions of extreme temperature, high brightness panel to 700 NIT, low power consumption, the extremely low weight make them really unique and reliable.

Designed to fit your needs, designed for the cloud, integrated open source software applications, custom solutions, and reduced acquisition time thanks to the new system of integrated Chip (SOC) with specialized architecture can decode most CODEC multimedia.


What is the maximum resolution?

All monitors are FULL HD 1920 × 1080, certain types of monitors arriving to support the 4K or 3840 × 2160.


Can I have a monitor with the PC included?

Of course, according to the requirement and configuration required by the customer on the monitor (which can also be touch) it can be equipped with a PC even this customizable either as software or as hardware.


I can watch videos, photos or other?

All newest monitor have a media player, and the Magic Info by Samsung system also creates local or remote palimpsests (connected to a network).


Why are Samsung Professional products known as products of mass production?

Because Samsung’s products are distributed only among the market segments where the professionalism and reliability of the product become core business. Among these, trade fairs, TV networks, public and private institutions, airports, large hotel chains, fashion stores and shopping centers.

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