Magic Info

Magic Info

Magic info is the name of the powerful and reliable software for authoring content management system that is the basis of Samsung Smart Signage Platform.

Every large format display is equipped with Samsung MagicInfo LITE (in the case of the standard display), or Magic Info LITE and MagicInfo MagicInfo-D Videowall (in the case of screens for video wall) pre-installed.

You can create stunning visual effects with ease, using a wide range of media files MagicInfo, a USB memory and an LCD screen compatible.

MagicInfo LITE
It provides practical basic functions, like the ability to store and program the various content from USB memory sticks on individual screens. MagicInfo Lite also lets you manage the display LFD networked via a Web-based server management.

It ensures additional features, including 70 pre-installed templates, both in portrait and landscape format; planning of schedules across multiple screens networked with different content; advanced display options, such as the airing of two videos simultaneously on the same screen.

It provides better management capabilities with content by connecting different LFD setback Box (SBB) or additional Plug-in Module (PIM) . The MagicInfo Premium is an excellent tool to show content more complex when the visual impact is very important.

It offers similar functionality integrated with the support of video wall with conventional and unconventional matrices and the possibility of sharing the same video content on four screens or plays four different video on each screen.

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