LED / OLED Monitor

Highly format versatile screens and ideal for application High productivity situations . Available sizes are 65 “- 75” – 82 “- 84″ and 95” from the ME series in the 16: 9 ratio.

From the earliest uses the Large Format Display were used exclusively in Digital Signage applications. Today their use has expanded, until they became integrated devices for productivity in any professional field , to the point where they have replaced the classic video projectors or interactive whiteboards in meeting rooms or classrooms for courses.

In many companies, the LFD monitors are used as practical business intelligence dashboards to control all information and emerging trends.

The brand new LFD of the ME series have the ability to adjust the backlight to ensure better contrast and refresh function at
120 Hz. Perfect for more natural images, sharp and full of detail, higher level visual experience guaranteed. Moreover, the built in media player (introduction of high efficiency)contributes significantly in the reduction of the total ownership cost of these devices.

The main feature of these OLED of the ME series monitor is that it allows high-impact visualizations: sharper and brighter images, without glare or focus issues.

They also enable the simplified management of the content, the possibility of controlling the screens by remote systems, wireless connectivity according to the standards , the possibility of connecting multiple screens thanks to the Loop Out DP function, the possibility of video signals diversification
displayed on the same screen up to a maximum of three independent sources, connected via a wide choice of input types.

LED 32” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
734.8 X 433.8 X 29.9

LED 46” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1057.6 X 615.8 X 29.9

LED 55” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1248.0 X 722.4 X 29.9

LED 65” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1467.4 x 848.0 x 64.9

LED 75” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1678.2 × 958.7 × 48.6

LED / OLED 95” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
2127.2 × 1210.0 × 45.8

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