Touch screen

Available sizes 32 “, 46” – 55 “- 65” – 75 “Series MD – ME in 16: 9 ratio.

The touch screen is a special device fruit of the union of a screen and a digitizer, which allows the user to interact with a graphical interface using fingers or particular objects.

A touch screen is at the same time an output and input device. The touch screen through its characteristics can replace the functions of the mouse and in many cases even the keyboard, which allows especially for mobile and compact devices not having to give space to the keyboard, mouse mats and have therefore also one wider screen in the same useful space.

This allows direct interactivity between user and device, but with the cost of a lower speed of writing and typing in general and sometimes with higher rate of errors.

There are some special touch screens, defined multi touch (English multi-touch), able to recognize the presence of several fingers or objects on the screen simultaneously. These screens typically use resistive or capacitive technologies, but as for the traditional touch screens technologies are numerous and different. These technologies, however, must be accompanied by an application management, which is capable of interpreting the signals derived from the screen.

LED Touchscreen 32” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
755.9 x 449.8 x 30.9

LED Touchscreen  46” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1076.1 x 628.5 x 32.1

LED Touchscreen 55” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1267.0 x 735.7 x 32.1

LED Touchscreen 65” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1501.0 x 882.0 x 62.6

LED Touchscreen  75” Samsung
Sizes (W x H x D)(mm)
1737.2 x 1015.5 x 25.5

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