Video projections

Video projections

One should not think that the projection is better than the yield of a standard TV. Let’s say you have two different ways of “seeing.”
The projection is very close to the concept of cinema and is designed for viewing on large formats, even if the use in business environment is less frequent.
The thing is explained easily: the projection needs larger spaces, special lighting conditions and requires the positioning of the projector, which in some contexts can be problematic. In any case, the problem of choice is not trivial, because even before the model should be chosen the technology with which the device is built should be the first to be decided.

The most common technologies are:

  • LCD projectors: are based on the filtering of light by the liquid crystal matrices of pixels
  • DLP projectors: are based on the modulation of the reflection of light from part of micromirrors
  • 3D Projectors
  • Holoscreen Projectors
  • Video Mapping

To this is added the difference in power that is expressed with a unit of measurement known as ANSI LUMEN: The higher it is the better the projection is seen in terms of brightness and definition.

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