You can send us a request with all your data to or directly fill out the form relating to the product requested here on our site. For any other need, our commercial and technical support will be at your disposal for further clarifications.

  • Rental period and location
  • Use of equipment in external or internal environments,
  • Wall fixing system or self-supporting floor lamp
  • Integrated player or external PC.

By means of our appointees, or with collection and delivery by Vs.

  • During the journey on our vans until the moment of taking charge of the customer
  • If the goods travel via your courier or agent, the insurance will be at your expense

Send our stamped and countersigned quote for acceptance by e-mail and the relative filled-in personal data encoding form.

  • No limitations to the robustness of the devices
    24/7 work certification, even in extreme temperature conditions
    High brightness of the panels
    Low energy consumption
    Extremely low weightOur solutions are designed for your needs, ready for the cloud, open source integrated software applications. Our systems offer shorter acquisition times, thanks to the new integrated CHIP system (SOC), equipped with a specialized architecture capable of decoding most multimedia CODECs.

All monitors are FULL HD at 1920×1080. Some types of monitors even support 4K or 3840×2160.

Certain. According to the needs and configuration requested by the customer, the monitor (which can also be touch) can be equipped with a PC, also customizable, both as software and as hardware.

All the latest generation monitors have an integrated media player. In addition, the Samsung Magic Info system allows you to create local or remote schedules (connected to a network).

Because Samsung products are distributed only among the market segments where the professionalism and reliability of the product become the core business. These include trade fair bodies, television networks, public and private bodies, airports, large hotel chains, fashion shops and shopping centers.