It’s time to elevate your display
Samsung’s QHR Series displays offer best-in-class UHD resolution with 700 nit brightness, ideal for environments requiring high visibility. The displays also feature intelligent UHD upscaling for stunning picture quality, all in a slim design.


Stunning 4K quality images
Thanks to its ultra-high definition 4K resolution, Samsung’s new QHR Series creates images of total realism with a quality and precision never seen before.
Intelligent UHD Upscaling
Samsung’s innovative intelligent UHD upscaling technology ensures perfect UHD quality images even with low-resolution content, refining edges and reducing noise. Thanks to this futuristic solution you will always have the highest image quality regardless of the resolution of the original content.
Dynamic Crystal Display
The QHR Series features Dynamic Crystal Display, which uses 10-bit processing for flawless color expression, allowing viewers to enjoy a wider color spectrum of up to a billion shades. HDR + compatibility converts standard definition content to HDR quality for sharper contrast and more vivid colors.
High visibility with captivating brightness
Samsung’s QHR Series delivers brilliant images thanks to a peak brightness of 700 nit that allows businesses to deliver clear information 24/7. The display’s anti-glare panels offer better visibility regardless of ambient light, ensuring that important information is always visible.
Slim and symmetrical design
Brand new, the symmetrical design of the QHR Series simplifies wall mounting and ensures a smooth installation. In addition, the flat back and slim profile are synonymous with a timeless look.
Cables always in order
No more unsightly tangles: now you can hide the cables in the special guide, so the back of the display will also look good and nothing will ruin your visual shopping experience
A powerful all-in-one solution
The SSSP platform simplifies installation and maintenance. TIZEN 4.0 guarantees ease of development, greater potential thanks to multiple web formats and standards and one
reliable protection.
Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
The integration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enables more personalized and interactive services and simplifies the way to show content. Whether it’s simplifying networking or implementing interactive beacon technology in-store, QHR Series displays help businesses step into the future of retail.
Safe and reliable performance
QHR complies with the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directives for class B equipment and meets stringent standards for safety and operational reliability. In addition, the IP5x certification ensures long-lasting performance even in dusty environments.

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