Specialized in rental and sale of audio systems

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All Over offers rental and sale a wide choice of audio systems , different in power and quality.
Among these it is possible to choose:

- Acoustic speakers from 150 to 3,500 W
- Stands for loudspeakers
- Amplifiers integrated
- Final amplifiers
- Microphones in handheld radiofrequency, lavallier, headset
- Wired microphones
- Table stands for microphones
- Floor stand microphones
- Audio Mixer 6/12/24/48 digital or analog mic / line channels
- Conference System
- Simultaneous translation systems
- Audio guides

Ideal for:




Business Meetings

Events in general

Rental and sale of audio amplifiers and mixers

General characteristics of the amplifiers

- LCD display to control and verify the operation of the amplifier
- Double delay anti bump : on the power amplifiers and on the speakers
- Independent channels A and B levels
- LED Channels A and B, Clipping, and On
- Selectable impedance at 4/8 Ohm
- Cooling fan with variable speed

General characteristics mixers

- Mono channels (MIC inputs) / Stereo channels
- + 48V Phantom on the Mono inputs
- Low Cut @ 75 Hz on the MIC and LINE inputs
- Line mute
- 2 AUX SENDS outputs / 4 AUX RETURNS inputs
- Digital Multi-Effect 24-bit - 100 Pre Sets
- USB port for connection to PC
- Foot switch and powered socket for lamp

Dynacord speakers

These speakers are suitable for medium-sized concerts , making Dynacord's legendary quality accessible even to small budgets : high features even at a lower price .
Made exclusively with quality components, the A-Line speakers stand out for their high power handling capabilities and enclosures made from 15mm plywood. thick, as light as sturdy. Their setup makes them an ideal choice as a floor monitor as well.

Here are the main features:
- Powerful, lightweight, amplifier modules feature state-of-the-art DSP
- FIR filters provide higher linearization frequency and better travel speeds between MF and HF drivers
- Operating mode selector: improves audibility with less risk of feedback
- The Low-cut filter produces greater clarity and protects your devices when used with a sub

Kit consisting of SUB Stage Pro W10

SUB Stage Pro W10 + 2 Stage Pro 65 satellites

Main features:
- Integral protection grid
- Scratch-resistant embossed painting
- Hole for housing ø 35 mm stands
- High density MDF cabinet
- Handles embedded in the wood
- Max / RMS power: 1000/500 W
Max SPL: 121 dB