Ledwall rental for congresses and fairs

All Over offers a wide range of modular LED screens of various sizes and resolutions, for displaying advertising and information messages.
The ledwalls are also suitable for scenographic applications , sports and for entertainment , both indoors and outdoors.

LED screens are used in various commercial sectors to convey promotional or informative messages through dynamic visual content (video) or static (images).
Thanks to their adaptability, LED screens have no configuration limits and have total daytime visibility .

Ideal for:




Business Meetings

Events in general

Dynamic billboards

The technology used guarantees perfect television rendering .
The led walls are particularly suitable for being installed externally using large surfaces, such as the facades of buildings, to obtain a strong scenic effect .
The LED walls can also be used as real dynamic billboards , thanks to the versatility in terms of size and resolution of the LED monitors.

Custom solutions for all needs

The LED screens proposed by All Over are carefully designed , assembled and tested in Italy to ensure perfect stability and reliability.
All Over designs custom solutions to make any model of LED monitor perfectly compatible with the most particular requests.
The led walls provided by All Over are:

  • Waterproof (IP65 / 63)
  • Resistant
  • Equipped with a sophisticated remote control system that allows management of one or more screens simultaneously

What is a ledwall?

The ledwall, literally led wall , is a large screen composed of smaller panels with LED technology which, assembled one with the other, form the entire ledwall .
The led walls are equipped with ad hoc metal structures , for wall installation and self-supporting for fairs and events.
Outdoor ledwalls are used in concerts and as multimedia billboards .

Who is All Over aimed at?

LED walls are proposed for temporary events in advertising , trade fairs , congresses and as fixed installations at motorway companies, railway, airport, shopping centers and showrooms.

How does a ledwall work?

The ledwall has a very simple operation, technically very similar to a video wall. Once the LED wall is composed of the "tiles", the control electronics will then manage the tiles and compose the image coming from a computer or from a selected signal.
Management takes place remotely via internet connection through the computer integrated into the ledwall, in turn connected to the management electronics of the led itself.
The customer manages the contents of the led wall with a computer via the internet at will.
All Over offers its customers an indoor range consisting of modules with pitch:


P 2.5 Indoor


P 2.5 Angolare


P 2.8 Indoor


P 3.91 Indoor


P 4.81 Outdoor