How does our service work?

We verify the feasibility of streaming and communicate it to the media, users and the public of the network with digital communication tools.
According to the needs of our client, we carry out the advertising campaign to disseminate the event and promote it, to achieve success with the public or by creating reserved areas.
Our operators film the event enhancing it with an interactive direction and with a television "cut".
The video is streamed over a broadband internet connection. In real time, the event is viewed on any browser or mobile device.
Archiving and Editing
The event, after streaming, can be retransmitted, edited with new graphics and published on various websites.

The multimedia product is integrated directly into your web page without the need for changes to the graphics and architecture of the site.
The live web is aimed at anyone who intends to communicate and increase the visibility of their events live (live) or deferred (on demand).
We guarantee the possibility to review an event or a part of it, as many times as you want.

Ideal for:




Business Meetings

Events in general

Promote your event via web streaming

With the help of a mobile direction it is possible to broadcast conferences, conventions, seminars and presentations all over the world, using the online web streaming technology.
Our technology allows you to transmit audio and video without delay . At first, live streaming is carried out and then archiving takes place via a dedicated web server.
All this makes it possible to promote the event even after some time and subsequently involve even those who had not seen the live stream.

Using the live web means:

Audience at your events.
• Reduced costs.
• Make your event available worldwide and simultaneously on all devices .
• Remote consulting through web technology, also reducing logistics costs.