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We offer touch screen monitors in the following formats:

  • 32 "
  • 46 "
  • 55 "
  • 65 "
  • 75 "

The touchscreen or touchscreen allows the user to interact with a graphical interface.
This makes interacting with the device straightforward and using the device for communication purposes very simple.

Ideal for:




Business Meetings

Events in general

Direct interactivity between user and device

Due to its characteristics, the touch screen can replace the functions of the mouse and in many cases also the keyboard. This allows especially for mobile and compact devices not to have to dedicate space to other peripherals, such as mice or tactile mats, and therefore at the same time have a larger screen for the same useful space.
Therefore, direct interactivity between user and device is ensured, but at the cost of writing and typing speeds that are generally less rapid and sometimes with a higher error rate.

Multi touch screens

The market also offers some special touch screens, defined as multi-touch (from the English multi-touch), capable of recognizing the presence of multiple fingers or objects present on the screen at the same time.
These displays typically use capacitive or resistive technologies . As with normal touch screens, the technologies are numerous and different, but they must always be accompanied by a management application, which is able to interpret the signals derived from the screen.

Schede Tecniche

Cornice Touch LED 32” Samsung
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Cornice Touch LED 46” Samsung
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Cornice Touch LED 55” Samsung
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Cornice Touch LED 65” Samsung
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Cornice Touch LED 75” Samsung
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