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It should not be thought that the video projection is better than the performance of an ordinary TV. Let's say they are two different ways of "seeing".
Video projection is very close to the concept of cinema and is designed for viewing on a large scale, even if its use in the business environment is less frequent.

This is explained in a simple way: the video projection requires larger spaces , particular lighting conditions and requires the positioning of the projector, which in some contexts it can be problematic.
In any case, the problem of choice is not trivial, also because before the model the technology with which the device is built must be chosen.

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Business Meetings

Events in general

The most popular video projection technologies

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Added to these is the difference in power which is expressed with a unit of measurement called ANSI LUMEN : the higher this is, the better the projection yield will be in terms of brightness and definition.

Wide angle lenses and many accessories

All Over has been active for several decades in the rental and sale of video projectors. Why choose us?
Because we offer a wide range of video projectors ranging from 3,200 ansi lumens , passing through 5,000 , 6,500 , < strong> 8,500 , 10,000 up to 20,000 ansi lumen .
But not only! Also available are numerous wide-angle and zoom lenses , supports and accessories, front projection screens and rear projection , large, small and all self-supporting.


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